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This is for the wedding parties and families of the Bride & Groom to understand/visualize the wedding attire.

If you would like to set up a time to go shopping or have any questions please feel free to call me!!!

***All members of the Wedding Party are to be at the Maitland Arts Center by 2pm already dressed and ready to go.

***Pics are at 2pm for Grooms Party & 2:30pm for Bridal Party

The Grooms Party

  • Navy Blue or Lighter Variations of Blue
  • The Groom will be wearing a 3 Piece Suit
  • Men wear a Dark Blue Suit

Bridal Party

  • Bride will be wearing a hand-made, white, floor length, with a lace over lay gown
  • Brides Maids will be wearing cream knee length dresses


Grooms Party:

  • Blue- Forget me Knots

Bridal Party:

  • White Lily’s


  • White Lily’s- Jesus
  • Red Roses- Virgin Mary
  • Star of Bethlemen- Christ Birth


  • Wear whatever color you want,we love you!!!!


  • Wear a suit preferably not black

Ring Bearer

  • Either a dark colored suit ( not black) or dress slacks and button down white or blue shirt, tie is optional.


  • Cream or Blue  semi-formal to formal dress

****Keep in mind the wedding is outside in December the average temperature is 72degrees.


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