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“PotLuck” Reception:

Saturday Sept 18th


3011 W. Kilgore St

Orlando, Fl  327803

We invite you to join us in celebration of our marriage with  an evening of community, great food,  and dancing (hopefully) in a festive, family oriented atmosphere! We are very excited about our new life and want to share this moment with you.

p.s. it’s also cousin Barbara’s bday.

On the menu:

I use the word “PotLuck” loosely. It is more of feel than a technicality.

Iron Pressed Sweet Ham

Beef Brisket

Homestyle Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Green Bean Casserole

Whipped Potatoes

Cream Cheese Butternut Squash Soup


and more to be announced!!!

There will be entertainment for the kids.

If anyone can help me think of games that would be great. Anyone have a Santa suite? A round of  Musical Chairs!!!

It will be a December evening so please bring a coat if it happens to get chilly or you can warm up by the fire-pit 🙂

*BYOB(alcoholic beverages) . Some wine and beer will be provided but I recommend bringing your drink of choice.

-Call if you have any questions… 407-937-9718


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As you know, we have decided to get married quickly which I realize now is a good thing; I couldn’t imagine planning a wedding for a year…YIKES!!! We wanted the wedding to be a small, intimate experience and, as a result, we fell in love with the Chapel at the Maitland Arts Center which only fits 30 comfortably and 50 max. Choosing who to invite is very hard to accomplish when we have a lot of family and friends so we stuck to the basics. If any of you have ever planned a wedding, I am sure you understand this line of thinking. We didn’t want to leave anyone out.  We also, had to stay true to our hearts. In our hearts the ceremony is about standing before God and being under His authority. Therefore, we decided to have the people that are apart of daily lives and have been a lifelong support system for us.

When it comes to the receptions, for us, it’s about celebrating with our community.We love everyone we know, want them to be an intimate part of this blessed moment, and came up with an idea…TWO receptions! That way we can celebrate with everyone. We can celebrate family,friends, this time of year and growth. There is so much to celebrate an so many people to celebrate with!!!!

Originally, I wanted a potluck reception but realized how difficult it would be to organize one following a wedding. My bridesmaid, Nicole, had a formal dinner for her reception and I loved that concept so we combined the two. Our families have never met and we wanted the opportunity to celebrate with each other in a small, intimate environment.  The dinner reception was a balanced and smooth way of  bringing the two families together. At the same rate, we wanted the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with the extended community that we share; church family,extended family, friends. A potluck is all about community contribution and celebration.  Taking all this into consideration two receptions made even more sense. We are glad to have the best of both worlds.

The Formal Reception:

Is for immediate family members and the wedding party. This reception will take place following the wedding and will be a sit down dinner. This will allow the families to have a chance to get to know each other better and we can show appreciation to our wedding party for their continued support in our daily lives.

The Potluck Reception:

This was my original idea. I am very glad that we still get have this reception. This will be a more casual environment where we can invite everyone to participate. Regardless, on whether you came to the wedding or not, you are still invited to the potluck reception. We will have this the following Saturday 12-18-2010 at my cousin Barbara’s house. I wanted to celebrate with all our church, family and friends but not make a big deal out of the event. Therefore, it is enjoyable for the people organizing the party and those attending.

I hope everyone understands the reasons for this unorthodox approach to the receptions. Personally, I never thought I would have a traditional wedding, but as the planning went on it started heading in that direction. I am so glad it did; I feel blessed!

I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too!!! Literally, two cakes!!!

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Formal Reception:

Will be held at  Park Plaza Gardens located in Downtown Historical Winter Park,Fl.

Address: 319 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida 32789

Complimentary vallet parking is available  on New England Ave behind restaurant.

Cocktail hour with Hors D’ouvres with begin at 4:30 following the ceremony.

Followed by a three course meal inspired by Spain.

First Course:

Caldo Gallego

Kale, Ha, Chorizo, Potatoes, Garbanzo Beans

Second Course:

Roasted Pork Loin

Spicy rub, Garlic, Black pepper, Oregano, Thyme, Cummin


Chicken Breast with a Creole Sauce

Red Snapper

Red Snapper in a Vera Cruz sauce

(Arroz Con Gandules)

~Entrees served with Rice with pigeon peas~

Third Course:

CAKE!!!!!!!! ( still choosing the cake selection.. it’s a hard job but we are up to the task)

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