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As you know, we have decided to get married quickly which I realize now is a good thing; I couldn’t imagine planning a wedding for a year…YIKES!!! We wanted the wedding to be a small, intimate experience and, as a result, we fell in love with the Chapel at the Maitland Arts Center which only fits 30 comfortably and 50 max. Choosing who to invite is very hard to accomplish when we have a lot of family and friends so we stuck to the basics. If any of you have ever planned a wedding, I am sure you understand this line of thinking. We didn’t want to leave anyone out.  We also, had to stay true to our hearts. In our hearts the ceremony is about standing before God and being under His authority. Therefore, we decided to have the people that are apart of daily lives and have been a lifelong support system for us.

When it comes to the receptions, for us, it’s about celebrating with our community.We love everyone we know, want them to be an intimate part of this blessed moment, and came up with an idea…TWO receptions! That way we can celebrate with everyone. We can celebrate family,friends, this time of year and growth. There is so much to celebrate an so many people to celebrate with!!!!

Originally, I wanted a potluck reception but realized how difficult it would be to organize one following a wedding. My bridesmaid, Nicole, had a formal dinner for her reception and I loved that concept so we combined the two. Our families have never met and we wanted the opportunity to celebrate with each other in a small, intimate environment.  The dinner reception was a balanced and smooth way of  bringing the two families together. At the same rate, we wanted the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with the extended community that we share; church family,extended family, friends. A potluck is all about community contribution and celebration.  Taking all this into consideration two receptions made even more sense. We are glad to have the best of both worlds.

The Formal Reception:

Is for immediate family members and the wedding party. This reception will take place following the wedding and will be a sit down dinner. This will allow the families to have a chance to get to know each other better and we can show appreciation to our wedding party for their continued support in our daily lives.

The Potluck Reception:

This was my original idea. I am very glad that we still get have this reception. This will be a more casual environment where we can invite everyone to participate. Regardless, on whether you came to the wedding or not, you are still invited to the potluck reception. We will have this the following Saturday 12-18-2010 at my cousin Barbara’s house. I wanted to celebrate with all our church, family and friends but not make a big deal out of the event. Therefore, it is enjoyable for the people organizing the party and those attending.

I hope everyone understands the reasons for this unorthodox approach to the receptions. Personally, I never thought I would have a traditional wedding, but as the planning went on it started heading in that direction. I am so glad it did; I feel blessed!

I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too!!! Literally, two cakes!!!


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Formal Reception:

Will be held at  Park Plaza Gardens located in Downtown Historical Winter Park,Fl.

Address: 319 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida 32789

Complimentary vallet parking is available  on New England Ave behind restaurant.

Cocktail hour with Hors D’ouvres with begin at 4:30 following the ceremony.

Followed by a three course meal inspired by Spain.

First Course:

Caldo Gallego

Kale, Ha, Chorizo, Potatoes, Garbanzo Beans

Second Course:

Roasted Pork Loin

Spicy rub, Garlic, Black pepper, Oregano, Thyme, Cummin


Chicken Breast with a Creole Sauce

Red Snapper

Red Snapper in a Vera Cruz sauce

(Arroz Con Gandules)

~Entrees served with Rice with pigeon peas~

Third Course:

CAKE!!!!!!!! ( still choosing the cake selection.. it’s a hard job but we are up to the task)

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This is for the wedding parties and families of the Bride & Groom to understand/visualize the wedding attire.

If you would like to set up a time to go shopping or have any questions please feel free to call me!!!

***All members of the Wedding Party are to be at the Maitland Arts Center by 2pm already dressed and ready to go.

***Pics are at 2pm for Grooms Party & 2:30pm for Bridal Party

The Grooms Party

  • Navy Blue or Lighter Variations of Blue
  • The Groom will be wearing a 3 Piece Suit
  • Men wear a Dark Blue Suit

Bridal Party

  • Bride will be wearing a hand-made, white, floor length, with a lace over lay gown
  • Brides Maids will be wearing cream knee length dresses


Grooms Party:

  • Blue- Forget me Knots

Bridal Party:

  • White Lily’s


  • White Lily’s- Jesus
  • Red Roses- Virgin Mary
  • Star of Bethlemen- Christ Birth


  • Wear whatever color you want,we love you!!!!


  • Wear a suit preferably not black

Ring Bearer

  • Either a dark colored suit ( not black) or dress slacks and button down white or blue shirt, tie is optional.


  • Cream or Blue  semi-formal to formal dress

****Keep in mind the wedding is outside in December the average temperature is 72degrees.

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The key figure in acceptance of the Catholic religion by the indigenous peoples of Mexico was the Virgin of Guadalupe, whose story goes back to 1531, just twelve years after Hernan Cortes first set foot on Mexican soil.
On December 12, 1531, as the story goes, a poor Indian named Juan Diego was walking along in a desolate area north of Mexico City, seeking water for his uncle. Suddenly, on a hillside, he saw a vision of a beautiful woman, who directed him to a spring of fresh, cool water. A few days later, in the same spot, the vision appeared again to Juan Diego. This time, she instructed him to go to Mexico City to tell the high church officials to build a church in her name on that site.
Of course, the ecclesiastical officials did not believe the poor Indian. Why would the Virgin Mary appear to someone so lowly? They asked for proof. When Juan Diego returned to the hillside and the Virgin appeared again, he asked her for a sign. Suddenly he saw some beautiful red roses, even though roses do not normally bloom in that area in December. He gathered them into his rough Indian tilma (blanket) and took them to Mexico City. When he opened his tilma for the high church officials, they fell to their knees in veneration and amazement. There, imprinted on the
humble Indian blanket of Juan Diego, was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, exactly as Juan Diego had seen her. It is said that the image is so perfect in detail that one sees in the pupil of the Virgin’s eye the image of Juan Diego.

Today, thousands of devout Catholics make pilgrimages each year to the huge Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, in the northern part of Mexico City, to view from a discrete distance the image of the Virgin imprinted on Juan Diego’s blanket and to worship with Catholics from around the world. Pilgrims may also worship at a small shrine on the very hillside where Juan Diego first saw the vision.

Rich and poor alike venerate the Virgin of Guadalupe. One can see her image in small shrines in humble homes in the most remote villages. Her image can also be found in virtually every cathedral and church in Mexico, as well as in parochial schools, businesses, markets, buses, taxis, and many homes.
December 12, the day of Virgin of Guadalupe, is an official national holiday, observed with pilgrimages, processions, special masses, fiestas, and Indian dances in front of some churches. In a sense, the Virgin of Guadalupe represents the essence of Mexico, the fusion of two cultures, Catholic Spain and indigenous Mexico.

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine by mikephlurry

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Our focus is the ceremony and vows we want to make  before God. When God put it in our hearts  to wed,  the desire was to stand before the Lord and commit ourselves to His purpose and plan for our lives. We both know God has a great work for us to do and He wants us to do it together. We knew from the time we met that this was the person designed by God for us to partner with in this world. The ceremony and vows are the most important part of this experience. We take this very seriously and have been steadily preparing ourselves for this moment and the next phase of our lives. We invite the Spirit of God to be present during this process and guide us to His purpose.  Our marriage is a blessing, a precious gift,  from our Creator and to Him be all the Glory. We know as people we will let each other down but we are training ourselves to see each other through the eyes of Jesus and this no easy task, but it is a necessary one. It is through our relationship that we will fully understand how to maneuver through this world. Jesus is the example set forth for us  to understand how to Love and Honor one another.  Our vows and ceremony will put this understanding into action to honor our Savior and His love sacrifice for humanity.


The Maitland Arts Center

231 W Packwood Ave Maitland, FL 32751-5553 – (407) 539-2181



The chapel is outlined with carvings of Jesus’ life and crucifixion. There are intricate sculpture carvings of angels and crosses guarding the entrance and chapel. We knew this was a perfect representation of commitment to each other through Jesus Christ.

The Maitland Art Center is dedicated to promoting knowledge and education in American art and artists. It provides changing exhibits of contemporary art in its galleries and outstanding instruction by professional artists in its studios. Its fine programs, unique architecture, and attractive grounds offer the stimulating creative atmosphere in which the fine arts flourish. MAC was originally built in 1937 by visionary American artist and architect Jules André Smith, as an Artist colony for promising artists. The Art Center is highly decorated with murals, bas-reliefs, and carvings done in an Aztec/Mayan motif. This ornamentation is an integral part of the buildings, making the compound itself a work of art.

  • Ceremony will be held in an outdoor Chapel followed by a prayer circle  in the adjacent courtyard.

Wedding Participants:

Minister-Yolanda Choser

Matron of  Honor- Sue Hanna

Best Man- Felix Gallardo

Wedding Party-Nicole Dohrman, Melisa Workman, Kristina Wilcox,Nicolas Hanna

Ushers-Hannah &  Olivia Zuk

Parking is available in front of Chapel and in the Germain Parking lot next door.

The average temperature is 72 degrees in December.

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Our wedding theme is modern with a twist of vintage…let’s say it’s Modern Vintage with a splash of the creative.


We were inspired by post-modern art  and the use of vibrant colors.  Art is created by incorporating feeling mixed with spirit. In the process of creating  art, spirit motivates the direction and then the artist must be disciplined in directing that feeling/spirit with clarity, awareness, and understanding.

Our relationship is a work of art.

Color Theme:

The main colors are White and  Blue.

The accent colors are variations of Red,Silver,Purple, Orange, and Green.

The Bridal Party will be wearing White and Cream.

The Grooms Party will be wearing Dark and Light Blue.

In Spirit of the celebration we requests that  guests steer away from wearing all black.

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